The HES-2200 Portable Two Zone Temperature Controller is designed for preheat and post weld heat treating applications where AC and DC power supply is available.

  • Light Weight Portable Design.
  • 300-Amps Capacity Per Control Zone.
  • Easily integrated into any type of AC/DC Welding System.
  • Plug-in Connections for quick & easy Set-up
  • Contactor indicator lights.
  • Reliable & accurate temperature controller regardless of voltage source.

HES-2200 Physical Specifications


41 Cm.


41 Cm.


41 Cm.


The HES-2200 Two Zone Controller Exhibits the Following Features as Standard:

  • 0-1200 Deg. Centi. Type-K Temperature controllers with manual setting and proportional band.
  • Infinite switches for temperature rate control.
  • Percentage Energy controller Range(0-100) Type k.
  • Power on indicator light.
  • Contactor on indicator lights.
  • 300-Amp AC/DC Contactor.
  • Rear mounted thermocouple input and output jack panel plug in type.
  • Rear panel mounted twist type power in and out connectors.
  • Heavy gauge louvered steel cabinet construction with folding handle and rubber feet.


               Actual Models & Specifications may differ from time to time then shown in Sketches.

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