Heatreaters & Engineers was established by a group of 5 enterprising professional’s at Mumbai in the year 1964. The company has grown since, in size and reputation. Over the years Heatreaters & Engineers has served a cross-section of the Heavy Engineering Industry as an ancillary for treating the metallic components to achieve the desired properties.

 Mumbai , being the hub of the industrial activity in India Viz Boilers, Machine Building, Castings, handling, Pressure vessel and  unit operation equipment industries. The development in Industrial sector , there after has brought in new industries, which are serviced by us, namely offshore exploration, Ship Building, Super Boilers, Power plant equipments, Nuclear power plants and Aerospace industries. We have assisted our customers to compete with global manufacturers. Our efforts are for continuous improvement in all area’s of our activity and those of our client.

Our continued success is attributed to the Quality, Prompt delivery, Efficient and Cost effective solutions with dedication and enthusiasm, which has kept us ahead of our competitors , as a market leader.

Heat Treatment at site

1) Stress Relieving.
2) Normalizing.
3) Annealing.
4) Hardening & Tempering.
5) Solution Annealing.
6) Shrink Fitting.
7) Stress Relieving in Inert Atmosphere.
8) Carburizing.


Light Diesel Oil (LDO)  variation  +/- 50° C
Natural Gas variation +/- 25 ° C
Electricity variation +/- 20 ° C

At our works, we offer various types of heat treatment with the following methods.

 Gas / Oil & Electrical Resistance Heating fired boggie hearth Furnaces with high velocity Burners.

On site we offer various heat treatment as under.

1) Heat Treatment furnace, Gas fired, Oil fired and Electrical
2) High velocity – internal firing method.
3) Permanent or Temporary Furnace heating Method

(A) Heat Treatment Equipments

1) Heat Treatment Furnace, Gas Fired ,Oil fired and Electrical.
2)Electrical Power packs.
3)Mermocouple Tack welding unit
4) Heating Ceramic  Pads.

(B) Accessories 

1) Splitter Cable Assembly 2 way, 3 Way & 4 way
2) Feed Cable
3) Return cable
4) Extension Cable 
5) Compensating Cable
6) Thermocouple
7) Thermocouple Wire
8) Male & Female Cam Lock Connector
9) Insulation Blankets 



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